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Before And After Air Conditioner Installation

What happens when you decide to have a company install a new air conditioner for you? Don’t worry- we won’t make your home look this bad! For more than 40 years, Access Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing award-winning installations of existing retrofit applications throughout the entire Treasure Valley. We install all major brands…

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2015 Regional Energy Efficiency Standards For HVAC

Energy efficiency standards for residential and commercial equipment have finally been nailed down to something we can all hang our hat on-YAY! On April 24, 2014, the Department of Energy and the American Public Gas Association (APGA) reached a settlement agreement on the implementation of the Federal Regional Standards. Conditions under the terms of the…

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What Are The Benefits Of A New Air Conditioner?

Energy Efficiency This one is self-explanatory; for the most part. But, HOW do you save money on your energy costs with a new conditioner?? The science behind a new air conditioning system has a lot to do with how the air condenses throughout the system. FACT: moist air holds more heat. Older evaporator coils condense…

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