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Family Picking Up Leaves

Why Is My Home So Dusty?

If you feel like you have a dusty home, these tips can help you solve and start breathing clean air again! Do you ever feel like vacuuming your home and dusting once a week doesn’t seem to do anything? Where does this dust come from and how do you resolve it? Years of research shows…

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meridian furnace repair

Why We Need Power Outages

Planned power outages are a necessary part of Idaho Power’s commitment to provide our customers reliable, responsible, fair priced service. There are a number of reasons we sometimes plan to turn off customer power—normally because we need to complete maintenance work on, or make upgrades to, a substation or lines. Turning off the power helps…

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4 Reasons Contractors Fail To Follow Up

I recently spotted an intriguing question from a connection on Facebook. Her question was simple yet I felt it required an answer that was more in depth. Her question- Why do contractors fail to follow up, is a simple question and yet there are so many misconceptions around this topic. Apparently, she has had several…

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