Premium Evaporator Coil and Air Handler Services for Boise Homeowners

When it comes to maintaining your air conditioning system, one of the most important components is the air handler. The air handler is home to all the vital parts of the AC unit from blower motors and fan belts to the evaporator coil and other important sensors.

At Access Heating & Air, we specialize in thorough air handler and evaporator coil services for homeowners in Boise, ID, and the surrounding area. From air handler installation to evaporator coil repair, we have it all covered with one easy phone call.

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Common Air Handler Repair Services

Since the air handler is home to some of the most important components of your AC system, it’s important to invest in timely air handler services and maintenance. Otherwise, you run the risk of developing some of the following common air handler problems:

  • Overheating from a clogged or dirty air filter.
  • Contamination inside the air handler. This is a problem because most of the components require an absolutely clean environment to work properly.
  • Electrical problems or mechanical malfunctions.
  • Frozen evaporator coils that create a snowball effect of issues throughout the entire system.

What are the Signs You Need Evaporator Coil Services?

The evaporator coil is the AC component that works to cool and condense returning air from the system. This vital part of the air conditioning unit must always stay clean in order to run efficiently. If it becomes contaminated, it could freeze and cause issues throughout the unit. Some of the most significant warning signs that you need evaporator coil service include:

  • Increased humidity in your home.
  • Strange noises coming from the air handler as the condenser unit tries to work harder to compensate.
  • If the AC turns on and off repeatedly without changing the climate in your home.
  • Warm air coming out of the vents when it should be cold air.
  • Other unexpected noises coming from the air handler.

If you notice any of these issues in your home, contact the experts at Access Heating & Air right away. We will assess the situation and recommend a course of action designed to solve the problem for good, whether it be cleaning the coil, repairing it, or replacing it outright.

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