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Professional Boise Heating & AC Repair in all Treasure Valley Locations

If you need heating, air conditioning, water heater, and indoor air quality services, Access Heating & Air Conditioning can provide you with the high-quality solutions you’re looking for. We offer over 40+ years of experience serving Boise, Idaho, and Treasure Valley homeowners and businesses. Whether you need new equipment installation, repair, or annual maintenance, our knowledgeable HVAC technicians will work quickly to meet your needs. We take the time to talk with you to discuss any issues you may have and use the latest technology to repair, replace, or install new equipment in your home.

Timely, Professional Services

In the state of Idaho, our team of experienced HVAC technicians provides a wide variety of services. We offer Boise heating, air conditioning, water heater, indoor air quality installation, maintenance, and repair. Our team of licensed and insured technicians serves clients in:

If you’re looking to repair or replace a heating or air conditioning system, our expert team of professionals is here to help. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and use only the highest quality parts and equipment. Whether it’s residential or commercial HVAC issues, we will provide you with timely, effective solutions to keep your home or business as comfortable as possible. With Access Heating & Air Conditioning, you will enjoy:

  • Maximum Energy Efficiency
  • Improved Temperature Control
  • Better Indoor Air Quality
  • Hot Water When You Need It

By replacing an old HVAC system with a newer model, our team can help you save money in expensive energy bills. Furthermore, repairing your existing system can improve your home or business’s overall comfort and indoor air quality. In addition, having faulty HVAC equipment can make your home more susceptible to mold, pollen, and other allergens.  Thus, our services will not only make you more comfortable but will prevent you from getting sick by protecting your respiratory health.

All Seasons Service

Living in Idaho, we experience our fair share of weather extremes. In fact, it seems like we’re always running our furnaces or air conditioners to maintain a comfortable home or business. Even more, we always need hot water. At Access Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer a wide range of services to keep you as comfortable as possible at any time of the year.

  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Heating & Furnace Repairs
  • Heating Replacements
  • Heat Pump Services
  • Thermostat Installation
  • Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Air Conditioning Replacements
  • Air Conditioning Refrigeration
  • Ductless Air Conditioning
  • AC Maintenance
  • Water Heater Installation
  • Air Duct Installation

Why Hire an HVAC Professional?

In today’s world, there are millions of DIY videos out there on YouTube. While this is a great thing for small home repairs, we don’t suggest you try to tackle any HVAC repairs or replacements on your own. Doing so could result in injury and end up costing you much more than it would hiring a professional. Below are a few benefits of hiring the professional technicians at Access Heating & Air Conditioning for your next project.

Accurate Diagnoses: Your heating and air conditioning system is made up of several intricate components. Understanding the cause of a problem can be impossible to discern without proper training and experience. At Access Heating & Air Conditioning, you can trust us to accurately diagnose the cause of a strange noise, lack of efficiency, poor performance, and more.

Appropriate Solutions: HVAC equipment repairs should only be done by an experienced professional. At Access Heating & Air Conditioning, our technicians have in-depth knowledge of heating and air conditioning systems and know how to fix them correctly. We also ensure that all repairs, maintenance, and installations are made for maximum efficiency, performance, and longevity.

Added Safety: HVAC systems require electricity or gas to function. That’s why proper connections are essential to avoid any gas or electrical hazards. At Access Heating & Air Conditioning, our professional technicians perform all repairs, maintenance, or new installations in the safest manner possible to provide you with the peace of mind knowing your home or business is protected.

Why Choose Access Heating & Air Conditioning?

In addition to offering extensive heating and cooling services designed to make your life easier, we ensure our customers are treated well with high-quality features and customer benefits that add even more value to your service. Our customer service is known for being exceptional because we include the following unique features:

  • World-class service that always puts the customer first.
  • Award-winning service with repair and installation methods known for their excellence.
  • Winner of the BBB Torch Award for Ethics in 2016.

With these benefits and features, it’s clear that customers trust us with their heating and cooling problems in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley areas.

So Much More Than Repairs And Installations

Many people think of Boise heating and cooling repairs and installations as the main services provided by an HVAC contractor. However, at Access Heating & Air Conditioning, we also focus on preventative maintenance designed to prevent repairs before they happen. Our recommended system maintenance will help you rest easy, knowing your HVAC system is working fine. Investing in regular maintenance for your furnace or air conditioner will ensure that the system is working at peak efficiency, with no major safety concerns. We offer comprehensive inspections and maintenance that will save you money and protect your family from unexpected problems.

We Are Passionate About What We Do

Whether you need a simple repair or need to install a new heating or air conditioning system in your home or business, our professional technicians will get the job done right. We are committed to our community and making your home or business more comfortable and energy-efficient. We will take the time to inspect your current system and discuss your options while answering any questions you may have throughout the process.

We Offer the Best HVAC Equipment In The Industry

At Access Heating & Air Conditioning, we are a premier Lennox dealer in the Treasure Valley, providing only the very best heating and air conditioning systems and services to families throughout the area. Lennox is recognized worldwide as a top brand for furnaces, central air conditioners, ductless heat pumps, water heaters, electronic air cleaners — and more. We are also trained and certified to work with all other brands of HVAC equipment.

Boise Heating & AC Repair

At Access Heating & Air Conditioning, you’ll find everything you need for your Boise heating, air conditioning, water heater, and indoor air quality needs. Contact us today by filling out our online form or give us a call at (208) 855-2444 to get a professional HVAC technician in Boise, Idaho, and surrounding Treasure Valley areas headed your way!

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