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Furnace Maintenance

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Boise Furnace Maintenance & Inspections

Most homeowners neglect their furnace maintenance until it’s too late and end up paying for it with costly repairs. Just like regular oil changes are important in helping a car run smoothly, routine furnace maintenance is essential in keeping your heating system functioning properly. We ensure optimum efficiency out of your heating system by replacing filters, cleaning ducts and vents, and examining all internal mechanisms. Access offers furnace tune-ups as well as furnace cleaning and inspections for a thorough maintenance procedure to ensure your furnace is running properly come winter. All residents looking for furnace services, such as motor repairs and furnace ignitor replacements in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Kuna, and Caldwell, ID, should call today to schedule their furnace maintenance.

Why are Furnace Cleanings and Inspections in Meridian, ID, & Surrounding Areas Important?

Our HVAC expert providing some furnace maintenance to prepare for the winter in Meridian, Idaho

Decrease Costs

If any reason should make you believe in the importance of furnace maintenance, it should be this one. A furnace that is inspected regularly will be running at optimum efficiency, which saves you money on your heating bill at the end of the month. Conversely, an inefficient furnace will have to work significantly harder to produce the same amount of heat as an energy-efficient device. If your heating bills have started to rise even though your heating habits haven’t changed, it might be time to call an HVAC contractor to come out to your home. We will quickly inspect and repair your heater so that you can continue to enjoy the comfort of your home without the discomfort of a high energy bill.

Ensure Efficiency

A furnace that is shown the proper care and maintenance will be much more efficient than a neglected heater. Like all appliances, a furnace will begin to deteriorate due to overuse. During routine furnace maintenance, we will repair or replace all worn down parts to make sure your furnace runs like it’s brand new. If you’re really invested in ensuring your furnace is running at peak efficiency, consider installing a smart thermostat in your home. Smart thermostats are programmable to your liking, technologically advanced, and offer energy reports so you can see where you can save. To have an even higher performance heating system in your home, consider getting a heat pump replacement. Contact a certified Access technician today to find out more about how to make sure your home is operating at optimum efficiency.

Uphold Warranty

Most warranties have a built-in clause that requires homeowners to get their heating systems annual maintenance. Like all expert HVAC technicians, manufacturers of furnaces and all heating systems alike understand the importance of regular maintenance. Routine service does not only improve the efficiency of your heater, but it also prolongs its life expectancy. Therefore, manufacturers don’t want to cover a repair that could have been avoided in the first place. When installing a new furnace, speak to your contractor to find out more about your furnace’s warranty. Then make sure you get your annual HVAC needs serviced by calling Access today.

Save Lives

All furnaces produce small amounts of carbon monoxide as part of the combustion process that heats up your home. A heating system that is operating correctly will vent out all traces of CO through the exhaust pipe, leaving your home a safe environment for your whole family. However, a furnace that is not adequately maintained could be leaking CO due to a crack in the exhaust pipe, improper ventilation, a damaged combustion chamber, or a number of other variables. Due to its odorless, colorless nature, homeowners won’t know they have a CO leak, which could prove deadly. Only a certified HVAC technician can verify that your furnace is working properly and is not a danger to your family, so contact one of our experienced HVAC contractors for a furnace tune-up today.

Maintenance Services in Your Area

All residents of Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Kuna, and Caldwell, ID, should contact an Access professional to get their annual furnace tune-ups scheduled. Regular furnace cleanings and inspections are essential in keeping your furnace efficient, your energy bills low, and your family safe. If we discover any abnormalities during your tune-up, we also offer same-day furnace repair services and other local areas. Not only that, but we also take care of all your heating needs. If you’re looking for maintenance, repair, or a replacement for your heat pump, contact us now!


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