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Water Heater Services

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Water Heater Repair Services in Meridian, IdahoOur expert team member is finishing up an emergency water heater repair in Boise, Idaho

We understand that one of the worst experiences is coming home to a broken hot water heater. You can’t shower, wash dishes, do laundry, or anything else that requires a substantial amount of hot water in your home. Luckily, Access offers emergency water heater repair services in your area. No matter what time of day or night, we’re always ready and available to provide you with electric and gas water heater repair services in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Nampa, and Caldwell, ID.

Warning Signs

You know you have to call for an emergency water heater repair when your house is exhibiting the most obvious sign of a broken water heater: no hot water. However, a deteriorating water heater will show additional warning signs (such as water leakage, abnormal noises, slow hot water recovery, and debris in the water) before a total breakdown. These signs could be a small repair instead of a costly replacement when caught early enough. If you notice any of the following symptoms in your water heater, contact an Access professional immediately for a consultation.

Water Leaks

A small water leak coming from your water heater might seem like a minor inconvenience that you don’t have to worry about, but in reality, it’s a representation of a much larger problem. Water heater leaks can be caused by anything as small as a loose valve to something more serious like internal tank damage. Either case requires water heater repair services before the leak turns into significant flooding, damaging your home’s floor and walls. If your water heater is leaking, immediately turn the system off and call Access for emergency water heater repair.

Abnormal Noises

If your water heater is making abnormally loud noises, either from the tank or pipes, it’s trying to tell you that something is wrong, and you need to contact an Access water heater repair technician. Rumbling, popping, or banging noises coming from the water heater tank are usually a signal that boiling water is trapped under a thick layer of sediment. This could eventually cause a leak, or worse yet an explosion, that will warrant an immediate hot water heater replacement in your home. A hissing or screeching noise coming from the pipes could mean there’s a leak in the tank, the temperature is set too high, or there’s sediment buildup. All abnormal noises need to be diagnosed by a professional technician during a water heater repair service in order to be repaired appropriately.

Slow Hot Water Recovery

Unless the temperatures have dramatically dropped in the area, your hot water shouldn’t take longer to recover than usual. If you notice that something as simple as a shower causes a shortage of hot water in your home for hours, you might be in need of water heater repair services. Our certified technicians have experience with both tank and tankless water heater repairs, so you don’t have to suffer waiting for hot water for hours on end.

Debris in the Water

We use hot water to clean everything in the house, from ourselves to our appliances, and the last thing we want to clean with is dirty water. Water that contains any debris, dirt, rust, or foul smell could be an indication of sediment buildup in the water heater. Just because these contaminants might not be dangerous in the short term, it doesn’t mean you want them floating around in your water. Contact us for a water heater repair service at your home so that you can have clean, sparkling water again.

Emergency Water Heater Repair in Meridian, ID, & Surrounding Areas

Our emergency hot water heater repair services are available in Boise, Meridian, Kuna, Eagle, Nampa, and Caldwell, ID. With over 40 years of experience in the HVAC industry, there’s no water heater problem too small or too big for our team of professionals to tackle. Not only do we service all residential and commercial brands, but we also have experience with both tank and tankless water heater repairs. Call us today if you’re in need of emergency repair services.

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