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Water Heater Services

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Water Heater Repairs

Besides lack of hot water, there are some other, more subtle signs that your water heater needs to be serviced. These include:
Water leaks around the base of water heater.

  • Slow hot water recovery after a lot of hot water is used (e.g., after someone takes a shower).
  • Rumbling, popping or banging noise from inside the water heater.
  • High pitched, whining sounds from your pipes.
  • Flecks of rust, dirt or other debris in your water.
  • A foul, “rotten egg” smell from the water.

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to call for help. We will thoroughly examine your water heater, and explain the issue and your repair or replacement options.

Our team repairs and services all brands of residential and commercial hot water heaters. Our technicians are equipped and trained to solve even the toughest of water heater problems, and will work quickly and efficiently so that your water heater is up and working normally again. We are ready to service your water heater needs whenever they may arise, day or night.

Water Heater Installations

If replacing your equipment is the most cost-effective solution, our technicians will walk you through the types of water heaters that are available, and the features of each so that you can make the selection that’s right for your lifestyle and budget. We sell a complete line of gas and electric hot water heaters from top manufacturers like Rheem, Bradford White, Bosch, State, Reliance, Noritz and A.O Smith. You can choose between conventional water heaters which use a storage tank, and tankless hot water systems.

Standard Storage Water Heaters

When most people envision a water heater, it’s the standard tank water heater that generally comes to mind. This is the type of water heater that most people have grown up with, and it is still the most common type of water heater today.

Standard storage water heaters store and heat water in a reservoir. When water is used, the tank is refilled with water from your water source. This new water is heated and stored, and the cycle continues. The water within the tank is continually warmed to a set temperature. Standard water heaters store from 20 to 120 gallons of water, depending on the size of the tank. This type of water heater has improved a lot over the years, and today’s models are more efficient and reliable than ever before.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters provide hot water as it is needed, and do not store hot water for future use like conventional storage tank water heaters do. When a hot water faucet is turned on, water flows through the tankless water heater. A sensor detects that hot water is being demanded, and activates the heating device. The water flows through the internal heating element, exiting the unit at the desired temperature. The tankless water heater stays on until the hot water faucet is closed. As soon as the flow sensor detects that water is no longer flowing, the heating element shuts off.

Tankless systems cost twice as much as traditional tank units, however because they only heat water only at the time it is being used, they are far more energy-efficient. This can potentially reduce energy costs by as much as 25 percent

Water Heater Maintenance

We recommend our homeowners have their water heaters maintained (cleaned and inspected) annually, to keep them in tiptop operating condition. During an annual tune-up, our expert plumbers will make a careful check of your water heater to make sure it’s working properly and safely. This includes inspecting the pressure relief valve, burner assembly, filters, anode rod and power supply that’s heating the water. If needed, we will flush out the tank and remove any sediment at the bottom of the tank. Any components that have worn out will be replaced. We do all this to ensure that your water heater continues to run efficiently. Water heaters that are not well-maintained will succumb to wear-and-tear more quickly.

Whether it’s a water heater repair, replacement and installation, or maintenance service, we are ready to serve your needs.

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