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Winter AC

After the summer season is over, we often forget that our outdoor air conditioner still requires maintenance and TLC.

There are 2 types of air conditioners, through-the-window and ground-mounted.

If you have a window air conditioner, then you will want to remove it and store it somewhere safe. This will help you to retain heat in your home and keep your a/c unit from collecting condensation and developing rust.

If you have a ground mounted unit, you will want to remove as much debris (leaves) as possible before putting an a/c cover over the top of the air conditioner. This will help to keep snow and falling leaves off during the winter season. You can call us to purchase a custom-sized (and color) air conditioner cover.

PRO TIP: Mark your calendar and set a reminder to remove your air conditioner cover before you start using it in the spring and summer. This is usually sometime in March or April, depending on your location. For Boise and Meridian, we start turning our air conditioners on around the first part of April.

On our maintenance program we can take care of this step for you while we are out performing the heating maintenance. Call us for additional information.


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