As the summer weather fades away and Fall takes hold, it’s time for homeowners to pay attention to their homes to get ready for the winter ahead. This should be an annual ritual to help keep your home in great condition all year round.

And if you are thinking that it all involves the outside of the house, think again! It’s important to give attention to both the inside and the outside to ensure there are no issues.

Tips for DIY Outdoor Care
Everyone recognizes the Fall as the time to get out of the rake and take care of the leaves, but there is more to it than that. You should rake all of the leaves off your lawn and bag them, but you should also:

  1. Trim bushes and cut back branches that might damage your home during winter.
  2. Check the caulking and seals around windows and make sure there are no cracks in the windows.
  3. Inspect your foundation, driveway, and walkways for cracks and take the time to seal them properly.
  4. Check your outdoor hoses and faucets for leaks and make any repairs necessary. Also, turn off the water supply to the outside from inside the house.

Taking Care of the Indoors

On the inside of the house, several DIY tasks will help keep things in good condition for the winter. Some of the indoor Fall jobs you may not have thought of include:

  1. Washing window coverings, dusting walls, fixtures, ceiling fans, etc.
  2. Thoroughly washing or steam cleaning floors and carpets to remove dirt from all the summer in and out traffic.
  3. Empty your kitchen cupboards, throw out what you don’t need, and clean them out before reorganizing.
  4. If you have a pantry, go through it and discard any older food items or spices you no longer need.
  5. Move your appliances out and do a thorough dusting.
  6. Test your smoke alarms and CO2 detectors in the house to make sure they are working properly. Now is also a good time to change the batteries.
  7. Take a look into your chimney, if you have one, to ensure there isn’t damage. If you have a gas fireplace, make sure the pilot is on.

Getting Help with Professional Services

Fall is also a great time to have your heating system inspected and maintained for the winter. When you call in a professional technician, they will make sure your air filter is clean and that all of the various components are running smoothly.

This will ensure that your furnace runs as efficiently as possible all winter long and that you and your family are comfortable and safe during those cold winter nights.


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