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The Best In The Industry

Rest easy with Access Heating knowing that we have access to the best products and brands in the industry. We take care of our customers needs and concerns with our reach across multiple markets and states, buying the best equipment for the cheapest prices.

Energy Star Furnaces

trane unit


XC95m Modulating Gas Furnace with ComfortLink II Technology:

This top of the line furnace features the industry’s only true communicating, fully-modulating gas valve combined with the variable speed motor, and a AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of up to 96.7%. Thanks to the ComfortLink II technology, the XC95m works with other system components to learn and adapt to your specific home, providing truly optimized, customized comfort and efficiency.

trane unit s9v2


Trane S9V2™

Trane’s new furnace is more efficient than ever in both heating and cooling operation. While it may look different it still maintains the DNA that Trane has become a standard for- quality and reliability.

The cabinet is designed to accommodate virtually any home and application with it’s smaller design and is certified to be airtight to less than 1%.

The Trane S9V2 also utilizes the Vortica II blower which is one of the most efficient in the entire industry; saving you money in both winter and in summer. The heat exchanger and CO containment system has been completely re-engineered from the ground up with several technological breakthroughs. Trane’s stainless steel primary and secondary chambers are corrosion resistant and have been proven to be longer-lasting than prior designs.

ANSI regulates all furnaces to fire off at 10,000 cycles before hitting the public but Trane decided that wasn’t enough and has been running tests at over 500,000 firing cycles.

The furnace is also built for ease of service and reliability with all components on a rail design which allows easy slide out of parts saving you money in the long run.


XR95 with High Efficiency Single-Stage Operation:
With an equal emphasis on comfort and efficiency, the XR95 single stage furnace converts 95% of the fuel it uses into warm, cozy heat.

trane unit

Mid-Efficiency Gas Furnaces

 trane xc95 unit

trane unit


XV80 Two Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace:

The XV80 is a 2-stage gas furnace equipped with an ECM variable speed blower motor. These features, combined with the most insulated and sealed cabinet in the industry, provide the quietest operation possible.


XR80 Single Stage Gas Furnace:

The XR80 features up to 80% AFUE with a high efficiency four-speed blower motor and heavy, insulated cabinets that helps you stay comfortable and makes every dollar really count.

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