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Maintenance Packages

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Maintenance Packages

Enjoy peace of mind that your HVAC systems are running flawlessly year round with Access Heating &
Air’s exclusive maintenance packages. Click on any of the services listed to learn more.

Monthy Pricing

Basic Package

2 visit maintenance includes:
  • Priority Emergency Service
  • 10% Off All Repairs
  • EZ Pay Option
  • Fully Transferrable
  • Basic System Calibration/Cleaning
  • Safety Inspection

Basic PLUS Package

2 visit maintenance includes:
  • Prior Emergency System
  • 10% Off All Repairs
  • EZ Pay Option
  • Fully Transferrable
  • Safety Inspection
  • No After Hours Fees
  • Standard System Calibration/Cleaning
  1. Full Accessory Maintenance
  2. All Filters Provided & Cleaned

No Worries Package

2 visit maintenance includes:
  • Priority Emergency Service
  • 10% Off Repairs Not Covered
  • EZ Pay Option
  • Fully Transferrable**
  • Safety Inspection
  • 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • No Diagnostic Fee Ever
  • $100 per/yr Towards A New XL System
  • Premium System Calibration/Cleaning
  1. All Filters Provided & Cleaned
  2. Email Reminders For Filter Changes
  3. All Filters Provided & Cleaned
  4. One Humidifier Pad & Maintenance/Year

Save on expensive repairs by keeping your heating and cooling systems running with a maintenance package by Access Heating & Air.
Call us at 208-855-2444 today to take the first step in gaining the peace of mind you deserve.

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All Maintenance Plans Include

10% Off All Repairs

In the event your system ever goes down, we apply a 10% discount off your total bill. How cool is that! Enjoy savings right away.

Monthly Payment Option

Enjoy an easy monthly payment and start receiving benefits year round. Budgeting for your home’s heating and air conditioning system has never been easier! We auto-debit on the 15th of every month so you know exactly what to expect.

Priority Emergency Services

Being without a furnace or air conditioner is no longer an interruption to your life with our maintenance plans. Don’t hope and pray someone will be out today! With our maintenance plan, you are guaranteed front of the line service so you can get back to your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our maintenance packages include 2 visits per year- 1 for the air conditioner and 1 for the furnace.

Our top 2 packages, the Basic Plus and The No Worries, both include filters for your system.
You will also receive a 10% bonus for any needed repairs. Additionally we put you at the front of the line, cutting through all the red tape if your system ever does go down while we aren’t there.

Just like driving a car and getting your oil changed every 3000 miles, your furnace and air conditioner are similar. But did you know that most heating and air systems run equivalent to 10,000 miles in a single year!

Maintenance helps prolong the life of your system while keeping your equipment operating in peak efficiency.

Most manufactures of heating and air systems will decline a parts warranty when routine maintenance has not been completed annually.

Additionally, the benefit of maintenance from day 1 is that your system will never skip a beat and last nearly twice as long compared to a system that hasn’t had maintenance completed annually.

Yes we can. We maintain and service all brands of heating and air conditioning systems, whether we installed them or not.

Yes you can. We will stop service and benefits as soon as you reach out to us.

We auto bill every 15th of the month. You will receive an invoice for your records. At the end of the yearly maintenance plan, we will reach out to you to see if you would like to continue on. If not, we stop payment immediately.

Have a question? We can help!