What happens when you decide to have a company install a new air conditioner for you?

Don’t worry- we won’t make your home look this bad!

For more than 50 years, Access Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing award-winning installations of existing retrofit applications throughout the entire Treasure Valley. We install all major brands of heating and cooling equipment and can work with you to bring your project to completion.

If you’re wondering when you should replace your air conditioner and how much money to throw at it before finally sending it to the museum, review our nifty chart below:

Below is a picture of a high-efficiency Trane central cooling system. The existing system was aging and beginning to have mechanical failures each summer. 16 years was a good service life for the previous builder’s model unit. The customer needed a system that would last 20+ years as they wanted to stay in the home for at least that long. As they retired, they also needed a solution that would require little to no repairs over the years. High efficiency was the 3rd priority. We provided solutions that care for their needs and the benefits far outweighed the initial investment. With a 10-year parts and labor warranty, these customers can rest assured that even if their system does decide to take a break, the repairs are already covered!

Installing an air filtration system that could take care of the older home (and loose construction) was a top priority. Allergies were not part of the equation… We provided a middle-of-the-road solution that would remove a majority of the dust and keep the system clean for many years to come. Installing a larger return duct plenum was also a necessity to guarantee adequate airflow. Lack of airflow will decrease the performance of the new system but will also cause increased failures due to overheating, fast cycling, and excessive electrical draw on the motors.

This was a complete system renovation and overhaul located in Boise’s downtown historic district. The old furnace and air conditioner had been in service for over 30 years and throughout multiple changes over the decades, many components were left untouched but still in operation. The old oil fuel delivery lines were still hooked up to the outside tank. An old coal shoot through an abandoned chimney was left uncovered and allowed drafty air to circulate throughout the home all year long. We took a broader approach with this project because the homeowner wanted to take care of the additions that had happened over the years too. A 3rd story master bed/bath was always warm, especially during the summer because the prior company never took proper installation methods and long-term integrity into account. Adding ductwork would be a good option but not a complete resolution. We had to provide return air for the space as well to assist with drawing more air to such a long run.

We removed ducting where it was no longer needed from a powder room located in the center of the main level. We increased the supply and the return ducting to add more capacity and volume to the airflow. Increasing the size of the cooling system meant increasing the power supply. With our solutions, the homeowner now has even and complete comfort throughout the basement and all the 3 stories of the home! What a fun project for our team!

Here is a picture of the furnace located in the center of the basement:

Relocation to a corner opened up the entire basement where it had been largely unusable! Imagine that!

If you have questions about your project and what it would take to accomplish your dreams- please drop us a comment below and we would be more than happy to assist in moving your dreams forward! Longevity, peace of mind, no corners cut, done right- these are the ways our customers describe our craftsmanship. Why pay for shoddy work twice?

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