When summer arrives in Boise, ID, homeowners turn to their AC units to stay comfortable and escape the heat. One of the most important parts of any AC system is the refrigerant. The refrigerant is the liquid that pumps through the unit, helping to cool and condense the air resulting in decreased humidity and a fresh, comfortable climate in your home.

Leaking refrigerant is a common problem that is caused by numerous unexpected issues. If you suspect a problem with the refrigerant in your AC, contact the refrigeration contractors at Access Heating & Air Conditioning for fast and effective AC refrigerant replacement and repair services.

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What Causes Refrigeration Problems?

As one of the most important components in the AC unit, it’s vital that your refrigerant is not leaking or experiencing any other problems. Some of the most common issues include:

Incorrect Refrigeration Installation: If your AC was installed by someone without the proper training and experience, you run the risk of incorrect installation problems. Some of the most common refrigerant issues we see are caused by incorrect installations.

Manufacturer’s Defects: Sometimes, refrigerant tubing comes defective from the factory, causing problems throughout the system right from the beginning.

Pinched Tubes: During an AC repair, some of the tubings might get pinched or punctured accidentally, resulting in a leak.

Benefits of Working with a Professional Refrigeration Repair Service Company

If you notice issues like increased humidity, warm air coming from the registers or other refrigerant-related issues, you will need to call a professional right away. Noticing low refrigerant in your AC does not mean you should simply add more and then forget about it. The cause of the leak must first be determined and repaired before the new refrigerant is added.

When you work with a professional refrigerant company like Access Heating & Air Conditioning, we will carefully assess your AC system to discover the underlying cause of the problem. From there, we will determine if the issue can be fixed with a simple repair or if extensive installations or factory warranties must be actioned in order to fix the issue for good.

Working with a trained professional is also beneficial because we can spot problems you may not even realize you have. An expert will always look for productive ways to make your AC system more efficient and cost-effective. Our goal is to help you save money and prevent inconvenient issues like refrigerant leaks.