Everywhere you go throughout the Boise, ID, area, signs of spring are starting to pop up. The transition to a new season has officially begun, and before you know it, the kids will be out of school, and you’ll be planning pool parties and backyard barbecues with family and friends.

Sounds delightful! But before you slip on your flip-flops and drag your grill and patio furniture out of storage, we suggest giving some thought to the state of your cooling system.

As leading providers of air conditioning services in Boise and the surrounding region, we understand the importance of seasonal HVAC maintenance in making a successful switch from heating to cooling. Look at it this way: If you tried to go straight outside on the first warm day and run a race after a winter spent sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket, you would be asking for an injury — and you probably wouldn’t perform anywhere near your best!

The same principle applies to your air conditioner. If you expect it to work hard for you every day, all day, you need to give it some TLC to make sure it’s up to the task.

Check out this infographic for a few of the basic seasonal maintenance tasks that should be performed.

Your air conditioner has many components that need to work together to cool your home properly. The average homeowner might not be able to recognize issues with these components — such as clogs in the condensate drain line or refrigerant leaks — that could spell doom down the road. Many homeowners with older units tend to put off looking into AC issues for fear they might be told they have to replace the entire system.

You can trust that when you call us for professional AC maintenance in Boise and nearby communities, we will inspect your system with a trained eye and make all repair or replacement recommendations concerning your budget. We won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need. We want to make sure you’re set up for success, and optimal comfort, throughout the spring and summer!

Our Maintenance Packages Provide Extra Peace of Mind

Remembering to schedule a maintenance appointment before the heating and cooling seasons (that’s twice a year, as recommended) is just one more thing to cram into your busy schedule. Who’s got time for that?

At Access Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer Maintenance Packages that do the remembering for you while providing a long list of other perks. Purchasing one of these packages entitles you to two maintenance visits per year, priority services in the event of an emergency, a 10% discount on repair work, safety inspections, and more.

Questions about our maintenance packages? Ready to schedule your seasonal maintenance checkup to prepare your air conditioner for spring? We want to hear from you! Give the team at Access Heating & Air Conditioning a call today.


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