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Repairing Or Replacing Your AC This Summer Might Be Tough

As temperatures continue to heat up, HVAC companies throughout the Treasure Valley are starting to warn residents that if their air conditioner breaks down, it might take longer to fix. Why? The COVID-19 pandemic has created shortages in all industries,…

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Common AC Problems You May Encounter This Summer

If you’ve ever spent a hot summer in the Treasure Valley plagued with air conditioner problems, it’s probably an experience you don’t want to repeat. Don’t leave the comfort of your home to chance! Learn more about the most common…

Boise AC

Get Summer Ready With AC Preventative Maintenance

Triple-digit weather is just around the corner. Is your home’s air conditioning system ready for the challenge? Getting your equipment tuned up and ready for summer is imperative, not only for a cool, comfortable home but also for the efficiency…

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Want to Save Money? Sell Us Your Old Equipment & Upgrade Your System!

Are you starting to feel drained paying high energy bills? You’re not alone. All across the Treasure Valley, utility rates are going up. Even worse, many homes have aging HVAC systems that aren't as efficient as modern ones. At Access…


It’s Time to Prepare Your Home Comfort System for Spring!

Everywhere you go throughout the Boise, ID, area, signs of spring are starting to pop up. The transition to a new season has officially begun, and before you know it, the kids will be out of school, and you’ll be…


The Truth About The R22 Refrigerant Ban

Many of our customers have been asking for a while now, “What’s the big deal with all this news about the refrigerant phase out?”  “Does my system have the old freon?”  “What is freon?”  “Do new units even use freon…

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