When looking for new HVAC systems online, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the options, but one name you’ve probably heard or read multiple times is “Lennox.” Why is there so much attention on this particular HVAC manufacturer? What’s so special about them?

Lennox HVAC systems are renowned as one of the best in the industry for their energy-efficient heating and cooling products and entire HVAC systems. Lennox products are quiet, built with exclusive materials, come with green smart technology, and provide greater control for property owners.

Keep reading to find out what all the fuss is about with Lennox products and to know where you can get one. You might just find the system of your dreams today.

Why are Lennox Systems the Best?

So what’s the big deal about Lennox? For one thing, you might have heard that their products are at the top in the market in energy efficiency. All of their products either meet or surpass Energy Star’s standards. This is great news for any of you out there who live in more extreme climates and need heating and cooling systems that save you money.

This reputation is made possible partly because Lennox has products with heating pumps. These pumps allow you to switch between gas and electricity based on what’s more cost-effective for you.

Not only are Lennox systems energy efficient, but they are also green products. Their furnaces, for example, are low-emission, and the heating pumps we just mentioned are solar-powered. You never have to worry about leaving your products on because Lennox provides smart thermostats for keeping your temperature regulated.

As for performance, Lennox products are reliable and durable thanks to their exclusive quantum coil tech. This technology is corrosion-resistant thanks to a particular aluminum alloy that only Lennox owns. This means the machines are more durable and have easier maintenance in environments where corrosion is an issue, like coastal salt-water-filled areas.

Lennox used to have a reputation for having loud products, but by constant innovation, most are now virtually mute. Finally, they have three tiers to their products so that there’s a system for every budget.

How Are Lennox HVAC Systems Different?

It’s great to know all of the benefits of having a Lennox product or system, but surely several other HVAC brands have similar benefits. What makes Lennox stand out?

Lennox’s system is smart, but it isn’t just because they have a smart thermostat. While most HVAC manufacturers are satisfied with producing a system that warms, cools, and has some filters installed in the ventilation, Lennox prefers to offer precise control over the composition quality and humidity of your air indoors as well as its temperature.

This is particularly important for homeowners like Becky Weber who was diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome. Living in the countryside, the air is filled with a lot of dust and pollen that can cause a reaction and force her to recuperate for a few days. However, with Lennox’s PureAir purification system, she and others can spend more time outdoors. That’s priceless.

Where Can I Get a Lennox HVAC System?

Now you can see why the internet is buzzing about Lennox. They’re pretty impressive. Now the question is, how can you get your hands on one? You’re going to need to find a good HVAC contractor, but this isn’t always simple.

You need to pay particular attention to the reviews for the contractors in your area and keep a lookout for common mistakes that HVAC contractors can make, such as causing fire hazards or misunderstanding airflow.

It’s surprisingly common to have contractors who don’t fully comprehend combustion safety and the causes behind problems like carbon monoxide leaks. So, instead of checking for flue gasses, they might look for cracks in the furnace first, and finding none, assume there’s no problem.

Untrained HVAC contractors will also often forget how airflow works and either install the wrong size ducts in the duct system or too many ducts. Have you ever heard of a ductus?

For many of you reading this, we can make the investigation process much easier for you. Without question, if you live in the Boise, Treasure Valley, and Meridian areas in Idaho, you need to call Access Heating & Air Conditioning, especially if you have an HVAC emergency. We don’t say this just because they’ve been THE trusted heating and cooling HVAC leader for more than 50 years and have a 24/7 operating emergency service.

Why Choose Access Heating & Air Conditioning?

Besides their decades of experience as successful AC and heating systems contractors, they are highly praised for their superior “old-fashioned” customer service and for customizing heating and cooling solutions to accommodate every customer’s needs.

What do we mean by “old-fashioned?” We mean that Access Heating & Air Conditioning’s crew has a passion for their work and the desire to make personal connections with their clients. That means you can count on them to be timely and professional at all times, honest in their diagnosis, transparent in their fees, and expertly trained.

In 50 years, you can believe they’ve had plenty of time to keep improving and coming up with new ways to add convenience and make the process easier for their customers.

Besides, as authorized dealers in most of the nation’s top HVAC brands, such as Lennox, you can be sure that Access Heating & Air Conditioning will be able to recommend and supply the best heating, cooling, and other air solutions.

That’s probably why they keep collecting 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook from customers like Marlys Dunson who appreciated their punctuality, staying within her budget, and their courtesy to call when they’re on their way while sending a picture of who will come so that she knew who to expect.


You deserve to have the most reliable AC and heating units available to stay comfortable all year round, and you deserve to have them installed by a reliable company with a highly trained crew. You can reach Access Heating & Air Conditioning by calling them at 208-231-8456 or filling out the contact form on their site.


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