Summer is in full swing, and our Idaho summers get HOT. Thankfully, most modern homes in the Treasure Valley have some sort of air conditioning and cooling unit to cool the house. However, with 100-plus temperatures, energy bills often soar this time of year as well.

If the energy bill is getting frightful this summer, it might be time to look into some options for making it a little more manageable. Keep reading for some easy DIY tricks that will help keep that cooling bill down.

Clean Air Filters

Whether using a window unit or central air conditioning, making sure that the air filters are clean will ensure that they don’t need to work as hard. These need to be regularly replaced anyway as part of routine maintenance, so if it seems like the unit is working harder or more often, it might be that the filter needs a little attention.

Take Advantage of Cool Morning Air

Being a high desert state, we’re lucky to have temperatures cool off at night. Opening the windows in the morning to take advantage of the cooler temperatures can cool off your home before the day starts.

Check for Air Leaks

Air leaks in doors and windows are one of the most common ways that a home loses energy. A simple solution that takes only minutes to fix is to check and repair air leaks.

Here are some ways to quickly fix air leaks:

  • Weatherstripping on doors and windows
  • Caulking on windows
  • Outlet insulators
  • Door sweep

These are inexpensive ways that can be done by an amateur in minutes. No need for a professional to come in. Once these are sealed, it significantly increases the efficiency of the cooling system. There are often even removable options for those living in rentals.

Cover the Windows

It might feel like a shame to cover up that lovely summer sunlight, but sunlight can also heat the interior of your home. Close the windows in the daytime with curtains, blinds, or shades. Even thin ones that still let some light in are better than nothing and will help to prevent the room from getting so toasty.

Switch Lightbulbs to LEDs

Electricity makes heat. Any kind of light bulb is going to get hot, as anyone who’s tried to replace one right after it goes out will be painfully aware of. However, LED bulbs do not get quite as warm and are also far more cost-effective than their counterparts. Not to mention, they last significantly longer.

Install a programmable thermostat

If no one is home during the day, use a programmable thermostat and set it to a slightly higher temperature while no one is home.

Make it Shady

Not everyone has the means to plant and care for things in their yard or to change the building. However, if this is a viable option, it can significantly decrease the operating costs for the cooling system. The shade from trees or awnings does the same thing a curtain set or blinds do, which is blocking the sun. Anyone who has had yards with big trees can attest to their cooling powers on the house as a whole.

Consider installing a high-efficiency unit.

Installing a higher-efficiency system makes sure that more of the cooled air circulates through your home, so you may end up running your system less and getting the same results. If you have an older system or a lower-efficiency system, call us today for a free estimate on a more efficient cooling system.


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