The Treasure Valley is a wonderful place to live. We have wonderful restaurants, culture, art, and educational systems – all coupled together with great weather and plenty of things to do outdoors. However, sometimes there are some drawbacks, especially when it comes to the smoke that often pollutes the quality of our air during the hot summer months. Currently, it’s the smoke from the Bootleg fire in South Central Oregon that has become a problem for Treasure Valley residents, especially those with asthma or breathing troubles.

The Treasure Valley Air Woes

Air quality fluctuates a lot throughout the year and is often affected by winds and weather conditions. The air quality problem within the Treasure Valley is annually magnified during the wildfire season as we have seen in the past. The smoke produced by these wildfires has bogged our air quality on a massive scale and, in some years, has bombarded us for months at a time with continual air quality warnings for our area. However, when the air outside is so bad, have you ever wondered about the quality of air inside your own home?

Keeping Your Indoor Air Clean

A lot of people don’t often think about it, but the HVAC system of a house acts as a barrier to outside air and contaminants in many ways. First is by using air filters to filter any outside air drawn in for circulation for both heating and cooling. This is a huge reason why annual maintenance tune-ups are so important, especially when it comes to changing air filters that often get clogged with dirt from the outside air. The second step in maintaining healthy indoor air quality is to have a tightly sealed home. It’s important to make sure that your windows are tight, your door sweeps, and weather stripping intact while repairing any holes or gaps in the house as soon as possible. Keep in mind there may also be other less obvious ways that outside air is getting in or out, and the best way to spot such problems is to have a Boise air conditioning technician at Access Heating & Air Conditioning come to take a look. We can then see if there’s anything you can do to further optimize your house.

Access Heating & Air Conditioning also offers several ways to help clean up the air inside your home. One of the most recommended products we offer is a whole-house air filtration system installation. Our trained HVAC professionals can install what’s called an “air scrubber” to sanitize the air throughout your home, ridding your living space of annoying, and in some cases dangerous, contaminants. Watch this video as our team discusses the benefits of an air scrubber.

Access Heating & Air Conditioning

If your home’s air quality is less than ideal, there are several things a Boise air conditioning technician at Access Heating & Air Conditioning can do to help. If you’re concerned about the air inside your home, give our Meridian office a call at 208-231-8456 or fill out our online form today. This goes double if someone in your home is asthmatic or has breathing problems, especially during red air quality alerts due to recent wildfires. It’s very likely that no matter what kind of breathing or indoor air quality problems you have, a whole-house air filtration system can help.


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