Star Heating & Air Conditioning Specialists

Star Heating & Air Conditioning Specialists

Idaho is known for its breathtaking landscapes and beautiful views. Aside from the nearby amenities of the city, Star, Idaho is a rural community that ranks among one of the best places to live with its desirable location, low-paced lifestyle, and family-oriented community. However, the region’s hot summers and cold winters mean your HVAC systems work overtime.

If you’re experiencing any problems with your furnace or air conditioner, the experts at Access Heating & Air Conditioning are here to help. Our experienced technicians will visit your home or business and provide you with an honest assessment of your system and provide you with an affordable estimate. With over 50+ years of experience, you can trust us to provide you with the best heating, air conditioning, water heater, and indoor air quality installation and repair services.

Star Heating Repair

When winter hits the Treasure Valley, it’s essential to make sure your furnace is safe, functional, and as energy-efficient as possible. At Access Heating & Air Conditioning, our Star heating technicians are available for routine maintenance and repairs of your heating system. We will inspect your furnace, change your filter, and make sure there aren’t any dangerous problems that could affect your home or family.

Access Heating & Air Conditioning provides the following Star heating repair services:

  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Heating & Furnace Repairs
  • Heating Replacements
  • Heat Pump Services
  • Thermostat Installation

Keep in mind that it’s essential to look out for any strange noises, a yellow pilot light, or high energy bills as these are all signs your furnace may be broken. If your furnace needs repaired or replaced, contact our Meridian office at (208) 855-2444.

Star Air Conditioning Repair

Star, Idaho residents, rely on their air conditioners to keep them cool during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, many people discover that their air conditioner isn’t working as temperatures reach triple digits. This often happens because an AC unit isn’t regularly maintained. Before this happens, it’s essential to have your air conditioner professionally inspected and maintained to ensure it keeps your home cool and comfortable. At Access Heating & Air Conditioning, our Star air conditioning specialists perform annual inspections and help you discuss your repair or replacement options.

Star Indoor Air Quality

Winters in Star, Idaho, mean that people spend most of their time in their homes. However, with a furnace constantly working to keep you warm, this limits the amount of fresh air entering your home.

Without the ability to escape, allergens, and irritants such as dust, dirt, pet dander, and mold can build up inside your home, leading to poor indoor air quality. Breathing in these contaminants can cause headaches, fatigue, and sinus or respiratory problems.

At Access Heating & Air Conditioning, we can help you breathe easier with our air duct cleaning and repair services. We also offer UV air sanitizer and whole-house air filtration system installations. Contact our Star indoor air quality specialists to find the best option for your home while staying within your budget.

Star Water Heater Repair

It’s no secret that homeowners use plenty of hot water throughout the day. From showering to cooking to cleaning to washing laundry, we often take hot water for granted. That is until you don’t have it and get cold water instead.

If this happens to you, it’s often a sign of a broken water heater. Other signs to look out for include rusty water, sediment in your drains, and low water pressure. As important as hot water is, you simply can’t afford to put off water heater repairs. Contact our Star water heater repair specialists to help repair or install a new water heater today.

Access Heating & Air Conditioning

At Access Heating & Air Conditioning, you’ll find everything you need for your Star heating, air conditioning, water heater, and indoor air quality needs. Contact us today by filling out our online form or contact our Meridian office at (208) 855-2444 to get a professional HVAC technician scheduled to visit your home.

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