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If you already own a Trane XL824 thermostat, congratulations!  You have made an excellent choice in heating and air conditioning control thermostat.

If you do not own a Trane XL824 thermostat, there are a few advantages that make the Trane XL824 thermostat an excellent choice.  First, the Trane XL824 thermostat removes just about every barrier to controlling your heating and cooling equipment.  In the past, heating and cooling was controlled by a small mercury-switch thermostat on the wall.  If you wanted to save money by turning the heat down when you left for work, you had to remember to turn the dial on the wall.  With all the things we have to remember to do each morning, remembering to turn down the heat is the last thing on our minds!  Now, with the Trane XL824 thermostat, not only can you automate your heating and cooling, but the XL824 can also be used to automate everything from locks on your doors to your lights and water-main shut of valves! All from the convenience of a smartphone app!

trane 824 thermostat
trane 824 thermostat

What’s the difference between Nest thermostat and the Trane XL824 thermostat?  That is a great question to ask.  The advantage of the Nest thermostat is its learning capabilities.  The Nest thermostat is much more predictive and does more to learn activity and behaviors inside the home so it can over time set the most ideal schedules and temperatures.  It is constantly monitoring and updating itself adjusting itself to each family’s individual needs.  However, the Nest is not compatible with Nexia and its peripheral devices.  So the nest cannot act as an automation hub like the XL824.  In short, the Trane XL824 gives you all the control over heating, cooling, and many other things, while the Nest can help controlling your heating and cooling by itself without any outside intervention.

The Trane XL824 thermostat is among the most advanced heating and cooling controls available, but many of its uses can easily be overlooked!  In this post, we are going to share a number of ways you can put your thermostat to full use.

1. Set Your Energy (Money) Saving Schedule

The Trane XL824 makes it easy to save energy and money by scheduling your system to change temperature when no one is in the house, or when everyone is sleeping. To set the schedule, you can add or remove set periods for the system to change temperature regularly based on the time of day.  To add or remove a period, press “menu”>”Schedules”>”Add Period.” Then you can add a period and name it. As seen below.

1. Hit the Menu button.

trane 824 thermostat
Trane xl824 thermostat

2. Now press Schedules.

Trane xl824 thermostat
Trane xl824 thermostat

3. Add a Period


4. Select where in the day you would like to add the period.


5. Now name your period.

Trane XL824 thermostat
Trane xl824 thermostat

To delete a period, do steps 1-3, only this time pressing “Delete Period” instead of “Add Period.”

If your Schedule is less predictable, you also have the option of setting up one-touch presets.  With these, you can start or stop certain periods at any time of the day, making the schedule much more flexible.  Of course, you can still set and hold the desired temperature indefinitely as well.

To set up a One-Touch Preset, schedules must first be disabled.

Simply hop into your schedule settings and hit “disable.”



Now you can change your One-Touch presets to suit your needs.

Trane xl824 thermostat
Trane xl824 thermostat


2. Change Your Color Scheme

Many of the touch-screen thermostats available today usually come standard with just one boring color scheme for the background around the buttons.  Not so with the XL824!  This thermostat gives you a range of backgrounds to choose from to suit your needs.

To change your background color:

Go to Settings, then press “Display”



Now select the Color Themes tab and select the color you like best from the menu.  Then press Apply.


3. Set System Maintenance and Service Reminders

Ever wait so long to change your filter that it caused the system to turn off?  How about the time it went down because of a lack of maintenance?

PRO TIP: You can set automatic reminders on your XL824 to make sure you never go too long between changing your filters or having your system inspected for safety.

To set a reminder:

Go to Settings, then press “Reminders.”



To adjust your air filter reminder, select “Air Filter” and then you can adjust the reminder based on run time, or calendar days.



4. Get Online

One of the things that make the XL824 so powerful is its ability to connect to the internet.  By connecting to the internet the XL824 can display local weather and the temperature outside.  It even allows you to access your thermostat from anywhere in the world, using Nexia Home Intelligence.

5. Connect to Nexia

Purchasing a Trane XL824 thermostat automatically gives you a subscription to Nexia Home Intelligence.  Nexia gives you the ability to control many of your home’s devices using a smartphone, tablet, or web browser. It can help you automate anything from light bulbs and door locks, to water-main valves and security cameras.

6. Integrate your thermostat with other Nexia Devices

You can also use your Trane XL824 thermostat not only as a thermostat, but also as a hub for other Nexia devices in the home.  Normally, most Nexia devices require a device called a Z-wave bridge to let them to connect to the internet.  However, with the XL824, it can double as a Z-wave bridge and repeater allowing you to easily expand your home intelligence network beyond heating and cooling.

7. Auto Changeover

With such an advanced thermostat, why not let it change between heating and cooling systems automatically?  The Trane XL824 thermostat can automatically switch from heating to cooling and back again when the weather is unpredictable.

8. Keep Your Software Up To Date

Because your thermostat is connected to the web, its software is updated to keep it working at its best.  Make sure to always check and make sure your software is up to date.

Other Cool Tricks


The Trane XL824 works very well as a zoning thermostat.  Many modern homes are now being set up with a zoning system that allows for more balanced comfort within the home.  Zoning can help a lot when one side (or level) of the house is always a different temperature, and usually uncomfortable- even when the heating and cooling equipment is running.  Imagine walking into your house, and instead of having a light switch for each room, all you have is one switch that turns every light in the house on or off, all at the same time!  Not very practical, is it?  This is exactly what happens when we adjust the thermostat on our walls.  Zoning gives you the ability to choose where you want the air to go, and when you need it.

Automation in Nexia

Nexia also has the ability to automate many tasks.  Just because you can now turn your heater up or down from your office, doesn’t mean that you would WANT to do that!  You can use Nexia to automate schedules and tasks so you don’t have to constantly worry about how warm the house is going to be when you get home from work.  Also, using Nexia’s integration with other devices, you can automate much more than just when the heater turns on and off!  Anything from door locks to security cameras can all now be automated from just one place.


With the Trane XL 824 thermostat, paired with Nexia, it’s easy to set it up to automatically heat or cool your home while you are away on vacation.

Door Locks

Door locks don’t have to just be opened by keys, now you can use your Nexia account to lock and unlock doors.  No more carrying bulky key rings around and losing your last set of spares!


Nexia can be used to control and automate even electrical outlets, so anything you plug into an outlet can now be automated by your Nexia account.  The sky really is the limit with being able to control outlets!


You can monitor your house from anywhere you have a smart phone or desktop with Nexia Home Intelligence.  Nexia is offering cameras with the ability to sync up with the rest of your home so you can assure complete peace of mind for your home, even when you are not able to be there physically.

These are a few good places to get started with your Trane XL 824 Thermostat.  The best thing to do is use it and discover just how much in can do for you!

For more than 40 years, Access Heating & Air has been on the cutting edge of providing the best level of comfort, peace of mind, and ease of use for heating and cooling equipment here in the Treasure Valley. Give us a call today if you would like further information in setting up your smart home for the Trane XL824 smart thermostat.

Download the Trane 824 Thermostat below:

XL824 User Manual

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below! And if you have any questions or need further assistance please shoot us an email. We will answer as soon as possible.

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