Choosing which HVAC system to install is an important decision. Not only will you have to take into consideration the installation process, but you’ll also need to think about capacity, efficiency ratings, and other factors to choose the furnace or air conditioning unit that works best for your home or business.

However, limiting yourself to a single brand can feel restrictive when making this decision. Even if you feel that you’ve found the best furnace based on your needs, you may end up wanting a new air conditioning system from a different manufacturer.

While having a mismatched system doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have any problems as long as everything is compatible and properly sized, you may end up dealing with marginal losses in performance that can decrease efficiency and reduce the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Why A Matched System Is Important

Your furnace and air conditioning unit are like fraternal twins that work together. When designed, they are built to work with each other. Why? A matched system works to generate optimal efficiency and ideal system performance. While replacing one or the other without installing a matching unit will work, you will risk the dependability of both units and compromise your HVAC system’s efficiency, which may end up costing you more in the long run.

Furthermore, technology changes over time. Replacing both your furnace and air conditioning units at the same time will ensure that your HVAC system runs using the latest technology to make your home comfortable and keep your family healthy.

Why A Mismatched System That’s Functioning Can Still Have Issues

Even if you have a functional mismatched system, you could still experience problems down the road. For one, the older unit or the one with lower efficiency will decrease an entire system’s efficiency. Take, for example, two horses pulling a wagon. Both will eventually get tired. If you only replace one, the tired horse will prevent the quicker one from making any difference in speed or strength, bogging down the entire team.

Along with a decrease in efficiency comes a decreased lifespan. When furnace and air conditioning units are mismatched, the longevity of your system will be significantly compromised. You’ll most likely experience more breakdowns over a shorter service life.

Last but not least, a mismatched system can lead to one unit’s warranty expiring before the other. Furthermore, some manufacturers may not honor a warranty if you replace a system element with a mismatched part. Replacing both your furnace and air conditioning system at the same time will allow you to breathe easily, knowing that your entire HVAC system is covered for the same period.

Keep in mind that experienced HVAC technicians at Access Heating & Air Conditioning are aware of these problems and can address them. When you need to replace a furnace or air conditioner, we will recommend a compatible unit for your system that we can hook up properly.

Is It Necessary to Replace Both Systems at the Same Time?

Although it’s not necessary, Access Heating & Air Conditioning highly recommends replacing both systems at the same time. Why? First, you may end up dealing with problems that gradually get worse over time. Second, If you’ve been told that your furnace will need to be replaced within 3-5 years, it’s generally cheaper to have the whole system replaced at once and to use matching brands to make your system more effective over the long run.

Keep in mind, it’s important not to stress if you can’t afford to replace both systems at the same time. Many furnace and air conditioner manufacturers share common parts. However, it’s best to contact the Boise heating and cooling experts at Access Heating & Air Conditioning to figure out what components should be replaced and which units they should be replaced with.

Check out the following article explaining ways to determine if your furnace needs to be replaced:

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