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Need a New Furnace? Start Your Search Here!

If you find yourself without a working furnace in the wintertime, you can’t afford to spend too much time shopping for a new one while your family shivers in the cold. But you don’t want to rush into such an…


Why A Maintenance Agreement is Your Best Bet for HVAC Service

Your life is hectic enough with work, family, and all the responsibilities and activities that go along with that. If you’re a homeowner, just finding time to stay on top of daily housekeeping duties is challenging. Forget trying to remember…


Frequently Asked Questions About New HVAC Systems — And Their Answers

So, you’ve decided to replace your HVAC system…what now? At Access Heating & Air, we’ve been the Boise, ID, area’s leading experts in the home comfort industry since 1972, so we know how overwhelming the process of choosing a new…

Home warranty for your hvac system

Home Warranties and Your HVAC System

Some questions we get regarding whether a home warranty is worth the time and money for your home heating and air conditioning system: Is a home warranty worth considering for your home heating and air conditioning system? What are the…

Boise heating

Benefits of Zoning Your Home Heating System

Zoning your home heating system makes everything more comfortable! Is your home and heating system the perfect candidate for zoning? Read here to find out about zoning your home heating system. Get Zoned Out! ISSUES and COMPLAINTS: Single Level- warm…


Freon Leak Can Cause Thousands In Repairs

The Freon Leak Myth We have all experienced this, either first hand or from a friend telling us about their experience. But how does a freon leak occur? When a freon leak happens, where does it go? Is a freon…

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